The Company

TEE Electrical Components

fabricaThe TEE is establish in Indaiatuba since 1968, to manufacture electrical material especially all kind of fuses, for industrial use.

Low voltage group – NH system
— (Fuses, Bases and Switches), DIN, IEC.
— D- System Fuses and Bases. DIN
— American Standard Class L and J
— French and British Standard
— Germany Standard and so on

Medium voltage fuses – Type
— TEK distribution fuses and TED
— H.R.C Fuses
— E Rated motor protect – fuses
— Potential transformer Type fuses and so on.

Now a days the company works with 120 employees and has several sections like laboratory, factory floor( we have the capability of the manufacturer to provide consistently good quality material) and a ceramic electrical who supply us with a material insulating in a short delivery time to manufacture the fuses.

The TEE has his own building, in a place with 25.000m2 with all installation necessary to protect our environment. The company has positioned itself to accept the challenges of future. Foreseeing the business opportunities, our company is in district industrial, where we have all condition to improve our production..

We extend our professional services not only in sale but in technical services to assist our clients because of this, the TEE has the most important clients in Brazil, and a lot of clients outside the country. We have 53 representation in Brazil, and 10 outside the country. The main market is South America, Canada and USA. We are always updated the developing the new products. And we are supplies of the main electrical company in South America, for example Light ( Brazil), Eletro Paulo ( Brazil), Ande ( Paraguay ), Edesur ( Argentina ), Edenor ( Argentina ), Ute ( Uruguay ).

And now we are to set oneself to doing the certificate CE, and we already have several test, there are 700 tests of our low voltage fuses and high voltage group from remarkable institutions, like Institute Electric (Poland) and so on.