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The company TEE Electrical Components Ltd. was established on 05.15.1985 in the city of Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil in order to manufacture key fuses and low bases and medium voltage. Active throughout Brazil, Latin America, North America and Australia offering high quality products tested in accordance with current standards, seeking the full satisfaction of its customers. With its own technology in the construction fuses the TEE develops special custom fuses for various equipment or environmental situations.

Know Our Product Line

Low Voltage

Bases NH, Fuses NH Time Delay, Fuses NH Ultra-Fast and Switches NH

Bases TD, Fuses TD Time Delay and Fuses TD Ultra-Fast

Base IEC, Fuses IEC Time Delay, Fuses IEC Ultra-Fast and Fuses NEC Time Delay

Fuses F101 – Ultra-Fast, Fuses PD – J Fast and Time Delay and Ultra-Fast, Fuses PD – L Fast and Time Delay

Fuses HRC BS88 Time Delay and Fuses HRC BS88 Class aR Ultra-Fast

Medium Voltage

Fuses Type HH – TEB Back Up, Fuses Type HH TED and Fuses Type HH TEK

Base JTE, Fuses Type E for Distribution, Fuses Type E Potential Transformer and Fuses Type E for General Use

Fuses Type R for Motors

Fuses Type CTE for Capacitors

We manufacture custom contact.